WindWalker737 occasionally plays on the This Old Block server.


WindWalker's Minecraft skin consists of a full body camo suit with his eyes peeking out of the mask.


WindWalker is just as wild as the other members of the group. That being said he is also very laid back, but would rather not get involved into the shenanigans that the others get into.

Cameo Appearances

Don't Die Minecraft

  • Don't Die Minecraft: 147 | Enter WindWalker!
  • Don't Die Minecraft: 149 | WindWalker Friendly?!
  • Don't Die Minecraft: 150 | Nether Showdown!
  • Don't Die Minecraft: 151 | Red, In and Out!
  • Don't Die Minecraft: 152 | Think Tank VS. Glitchy Chaos Vs. Forest Ninja!